Bulk Material Handling Assessment

Bulk Material Handling Assessment is design for fixing any issues that threaten to halt production. The purpose of a succesful assessment is not to simply identify problems, but to identify the root cause of those problems. Simply telling an operator that the belt is dirty and suggesting a product to “fix” the problem is not a best practice when it comes to assessments. Our expert will tell you why it is happening and why the suggested solution will work for you long term.

Our Assessor will look at the conveyor system holistically and take into account many problems that could be impacting productivity such as carryback, spillage, slippage, belt wear and load point stress, and coal dust.

Increase Your Conveyor System Productivity

Inspecting and performing maintenances on all of your conveyor system components should be part of an overall maintenance plan, and an assessment is a large part of that plan. Partnering with a bulk material handling specialist to regulary assess your conveyor system should become critical element of your operations productivity strategy. The amount of effort you put into proactive maintenance will decrease the amount of unexpected downtime, help your workers safe, and help your operation run more efficiently.

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