Wet Dust Extraction System


Wet Dust Extraction System is cost effective & useful method to free-risk combustible dust coal handling at your Tripper Floor or Transfer Tower buildings. Wet Dust Extraction System is designed to remove volatile dust emissions generated from coal handling operations which potentially for explosion and it is seriously fatality. Wet Dust Extraction System is blending the airborne coal dust wuth high water sprayed. The collected mixture of liquid and dust can then be discharged to waste ponds or concentrated and returned to the original material.

General Technical Specifications:

  • Airflow capacity ranging from 3,000 – 7,000 CFM
  • System Pressure Differential: 3 – 5” WG
  • Water usage: Discharge to Pond @8.0 GPM, Recycled to bunkers @ .2 to 1.0 GPM
  • Motor: 10 to 25 HP depending on system loads

Each WDES installation is carefully designed to insure consistent velocities in the incoming air-stream to insure no dangerous accumulation in the collection ducts. Air mover selections are based on actual system design requirements.




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